Posted April 23, 2016 by Adam Robert

In today’s day and time, technology is advancing. As you may know, braces can cost a lot. Not only are you paying for the braces, you also have to wear them. While some people actually like braces and see them as effective, there are other approaches that people don’t think about. Braces are usually made of metal and they can cause cuts, sores, pain, and other complications. Luckily, there are two products available for both teens and adults: Invisalign and Veneers. Let’s take a look at what these products are and how they can benefits teens and adults everywhere.

The benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear, invisible way of straightening teeth. We’re not talking about clear braces; Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that is moulded to sit in your mouth only.

There are many benefits of Invisalign including:

  • The actual method of straightening teeth has never been more effective.
  • Unlike braces, Invisalign won’t stop you from enjoying all the foods you know and love.
  • Invisalign isn’t noticeable so you can have discretion if that’s your style.
  • Brushing & flossing your teeth has never been easier – now you can avoid that whole confusion with brush-on-metal braces.
  • Your confidence will rise again as you achieve that award-winning smile through advanced orthodontic technology.
  • Gone are the days where your braces cut your gums and mouth with Invisalign.

Now we will take a look at Veneers.

The benefits of Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, unique porcelain materials that are fitted to the front of your teeth to instantly improve the results. Veneers are not as well known, however, they are an instant remedy to teeth issues. Some of the benefits of Veneers include:

• They actually look like real teeth; people will be surprised when/if you tell them you’re wearing Veneers.
• Are you scared of getting braces because you might be scared of commitment?
You don’t have to worry about wearing a product on your teeth for years to improve the result – this is an overnight fix.
• Strong coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about staining because Veneers are prone to most stains.
• Now you can actually choose what colour you want your teeth to be!
• Teens and adults can both benefit with high levels of confidence after getting Veneers.
• They are a one-time thing; saving you money in the long run of constantly going back to the dentist because your braces are sore.

Now that you know the benefits of Invisalign and Veneers, consider getting some if you need them! Let us know what you think about Invisalign and/or Veneers; we would love to hear from you.