Thinking about Invisalign or Veneers?

Posted April 23, 2016 by Adam Robert

In today’s day and time, technology is advancing. As you may know, braces can cost a lot. Not only are you paying for the braces, you also have to wear them. While some people actually like braces and see them as effective, there are other approaches that people don’t think about. Braces are usually made of metal and they can cause cuts, sores, pain, and other complications. Luckily, there are two products available for both teens and adults: Invisalign and Veneers. Let’s take a look at what these products are and how they can benefits teens and adults everywhere.

The benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear, invisible way of straightening teeth. We’re not talking about clear braces; Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner that is moulded to sit in your mouth only.

There are many benefits of Invisalign including:

  • • The actual method of straightening teeth has never been more effective.

  • • Unlike braces, Invisalign won’t stop you from enjoying all the foods you know and love.

  • • Invisalign isn’t noticeable so you can have discretion if that’s your style.

  • • Brushing & flossing your teeth has never been easier – now you can avoid that whole confusion with brush-on-metal braces.

  • • Your confidence will rise again as you achieve that award-winning smile through advanced orthodontic technology.

  • • Gone are the days where your braces cut your gums and mouth with Invisalign.

Now we will take a look at Veneers.

The benefits of Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, unique porcelain materials that are fitted to the front of your teeth to instantly improve the results. Veneers are not as well known, however, they are an instant remedy to teeth issues. Some of the benefits of Veneers include:

• They actually look like real teeth; people will be surprised when/if you tell them you’re wearing Veneers.
• Are you scared of getting braces because you might be scared of commitment? You don’t have to worry about wearing a product on your teeth for years to improve the result – this is an overnight fix.
• Strong coffee drinkers don’t have to worry about staining because Veneers are prone to most stains.
• Now you can actually choose what colour you want your teeth to be!
• Teens and adults can both benefit with high levels of confidence after getting Veneers.
• They are a one-time thing; saving you money in the long run of constantly going back to the dentist because your braces are sore.

Now that you know the benefits of Invisalign and Veneers, consider getting some if you need them! Let us know what you think about Invisalign and/or Veneers; we would love to hear from you.

Snoring is causing me grief and I don’t even know it

Posted March 31, 2016 by Adam Robert

Every day that passes, we, as humans, need to sleep so we can recharge our batteries. Some of us enjoy sleeping and some of us try to avoid it. There’s one thing that will always be inevitable with you or someone you know – snoring. Sure, the snorer may not always hear their snoring but others will. We all know a person or two who says, “I don’t snore” when, in fact, they do.

How can I find out if I’m snoring?

An old adage by William Shakespeare can be altered here so you can ask yourself – ‘to snore or not to snore: that is the question’. The following traits can be a clue to test whether you are a snorer and don’t know about it:

  • 1. Sore jaws: A common trait among snorers is waking up with a sore jaw for no particular reason. It can be annoying and, over time, painful.

  • 2. Sensitive teeth:While sensitive teeth is not always linked with snoring, it is another trait found with compulsive snorers. The cause for this is the grinding of teeth during or after snoring.

  • 3. Fatigue: Snoring can interrupt your sleeping cycle and cause you to wake up during the night for no particular reason. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming and thinking about bed after a long nights sleep – you may just be a snorer.

  • 4. Ask someone: If you live with other people, you should ask them if you’re a snorer. If you are, perhaps ask them to record your snoring – it’s an interesting experience to hear your own snore.

Why all this fuss about snoring?

Snoring can be annoying, but it can go much further than that. The snore does not only target the old or the unhealthy; the snore doesn’t care about who becomes the next victim. Children also snore and the following can be applied to them. Snoring can cause serious issues in lives. Here are just a few examples:

• Obstructive sleep apnoea can come into your life if you don’t notice snoring as a health issue and treat it. Sleep apnoea then leads to blockages of airways during sleep, interrupting the sleeping cycle by waking up, high blood pressure, fatigue, and mood swings.
• A common truth among people is “we don’t want to invite that person over night because they snore loud”. Of course, the snorer isn’t intentionally snoring, but it can cause social exclusion and annoyance.
• Snoring is loud and many people wake up overnight thanks to the loud snorer in the house or, if you live in an apartment, next door. So not only is your sleep getting interrupted but others are then losing their sleep. This then creates a domino effect of moody tensions in the air all day.

Well, what can I do to resolve snoring?

Now that snoring is realised as a health concern, the next and final steps is to resolve and maintain your snoring. Here are a few things you can do:

• Snoring appliances like a mouth guard or a chin strap can be purchased to resolve a person snoring and to ensure you stop wasting your money on disposable ear plugs.
• Take it easy on the cigarettes and alcohol if you do them – they are known to be a major cause in snoring.
• An active and healthy lifestyle can reduce your body from producing the snore!
• Sleeping on your back is a major cause in snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea, however, sleeping on your back is recommended as healthier than sleeping on your sides. For this reason, the snorer can elevate their head with more pillows to stop the tongue from falling back and blocking the airways.
• Go for an examination to your local dentist and have your snoring checked to see whether it is affecting your life.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This is an old philosophical thought experiment that anyone can ask themselves: if a person snores and no one is around to hear it, do they make a sound?
The team at Fairy Meadow Family Dental can help you with your snoring issues.
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How To Keep Up With Your Oral Hygiene

Posted March 07, 2016 by Adam Robert

Brush Your Teeth Like a Pro!

1. UTILISE ANGLES: Brushing with a toothbrush at a 45° angle will ensure better removal of plaque and bacteria.

Brushing Angles

2. ROTATE THAT BRUSH: Pivot that brush in a circular motion for maximum bristle access into the crevices of your teeth.


3. DON’T FORGET: Bacteria and plaque loves to accumulate behind your front teeth, which often causes gaps and other issues. Be sure to brush there!

behind teeth

4. TONGUING-IT: Gas-emitting bacteria on the tongue is largely responsible for bad breath. Brush your tongue to avoid foul breath!


Do You Floss Before or After Brushing Your Teeth?

5. FLOSSING AFTER BRUSHING: Flossing is necessary to remove particles that brushes miss. However, if you are flossing after brushing, you are only realising part of its benefits. Flossing before brushing exposes areas that can benefit from the fluoride in your toothpaste, which can over time can improve your oral health.


Your whole life you have been told that dental hygiene is important. By now, you are probably excellent at brushing your teeth, but have always questioned whether or not you were flossing properly. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself for flossing, but that simple string can get places that your trust toothbrush cannot. Of course, that is only as long as you floss correctly.

Do I need to visit a dentist?

Posted March 01, 2016 by Adam Robert

Fairy Meadow Dental is determined to provide you with the most dedicated service, to ensure that your teeth are well taken care of. You can rest assured that you will receive the best dental treatment in Wollongong from our certified dental team, serviced to your needs. If you may have some issues with the way your teeth look and feel, Wollongong Cosmetic Dentist can assist you with many of our procedural options to make sure that you become well on your way to a unique smile. These options may range from –

  • Teeth Whitening and Teeth Bleaching: teeth slowly transition from white to yellow as we age, however this natural process is often accelerated by the daily consumption of certain foods. If you want to have a bright smile, Fairy Meadow Dental can provide a guaranteed method of turning your teeth from grim to grin!

  • Root Canal Procedure: a root canal is a procedure done to help repair a tooth that has been severely decayed or infected. Wollongong Dental are able to deliver a trouble-free root canal treatment in order to heal any problems you may be facing inside of a tooth – it is a way to save teeth that might otherwise have to be pulled.

  • Veneers: improve your smile with porcelain veneers! Our Wollongong dentist can offer natural-looking dental shells, resulting in stain resistant and anti-gum irritation veneer treatment.

  • Periodontal Treatment: if you are diagnosed with gum disease, you may need periodontal (around the tooth) surgery. This may be necessary if the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and cannot be replaced with other methods. If you may have any troubling concerns regarding your dentures, our Wollongong Emergency Dentist can answer any questions you may have by organising a comfortable solution according to your dental needs.

  • Dental Crowns and Tooth Filling: both dental crowns and dental fillings have the ability to stop tooth decay and damage at varying levels. Our Wollongong Cosmetic Dentist can deliver a wider scope of options for broken or cracked teeth. We know that prevention is better than cure, so it is a good idea to follow proper oral hygiene procedures and visit our dental care group so that we can ensure you achieve our highest level of expertise, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Top dental care in the region

Posted February 26, 2016 by Adam Robert

Best Dental Care in Wollongong

If you are looking for the best dental care in Wollongong, then look no further because Fairy Meadow Family Dental is now here. Our clinic takes pride in providing outstanding service with professionalism and gentle care. The main areas of focus for offering great value for their clients are; providing effective treatments, efficient, quick and stress-free at reasonable prices. If you have personal insurance, covering your dental health treatment, just come to us for a gap-free consultation. Also, we offer discounts for pensioners, students, and limited time deals.

Moreover, Wollongong emergency dentist are well skilled, knowledgeable and highly trained in the broad range of general dentistry. In regards to this, Fairy Meadow Family Dental provide vast array of treatments like veneers, cosmetic dentistry, teeth bleaching, and more many other qualified services. The clinic has the capacity to carry out all general dental treatments so you can get your teeth white and have a healthy and happy smile again. With the aim of providing you a good service, you can rest be assured to receive quality service you are expecting.

Dental Care in Wollongong is been providing exceptional dental services since 2004 and until now. The mission of starting this business is to provide our customers with high quality dental service. We want to make sure that all of your dental needs are met while you are relaxing and enjoying our friendly atmosphere. They always want to make sure that your dentist will provide you with fair and unlimited dental service. Your Wollongong dentist is not only offering dental service to adults but we are also willing to help your children with their dental needs and problems.


Dental Care in Wollongong practice is offering lots of reliable and high quality services which include the following:

• Dental Implants
• Composite Filling
• Invisalign
• Porcelain Veneers
• Porcelain Crowns
• Teeth whitening
• Sedation Dentistry

These are the common services that we offer to our valued customers. If you need dental service from our professional dentist Wollongong, calling us or visiting our contact page will help you communicate or reach us. You can also visit our clinic located at 42-44 Princess Highway Fairy Meadow, NSW, Australia, 2519. We can assure you with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Our office is always available if you need our dental service.